Frequently Asked Questions

For how long are emails available?

Messages are automatically deleted in a short time, usually after a few days based on incoming mail rate. The current value can be found on the statistics page.

What do I do if people are spamming my site ?

You should report the offending IP's and email addresses to - their database is used to automatically ban spammers from Mailnesia.

You should also consider using this service to ban spammers from your website. is spamming me, how do I stop this? is not spamming anyone as this is a receive-only service, there are no outgoing emails. If you see an e-mail with a From: header, that means absolutely nothing since the sender can write anything in the e-mail From: header. What matters is the Received: header which is usually only seen when you open the raw view of the email, as this contains the email servers that actually sent the message.

My website got numerous registrations with addresses. Are these bots or legitimate users?

It's your website, you should know your visitors and what they do there! Furthermore, it's your responsibility to make sure that registration is not possible for bots! (Use a captcha, for example

How to make the site forget my last opened mailbox?

You might not want the last viewed mailbox remembered by the site, as it allows anyone who uses the same browser on the same machine after you to have access to your emails.

To clear the last viewed mailbox click here. Alternatively you may find it easier to just click the random mailbox link so that an empty mailbox will be remembered. Also if you are concerned about your privacy on a public machine then be sure to clear your browsing history in your browser's settings, and/or consider deleting your emails.

I deleted an email, why is it still in my RSS reader?

After an email is deleted, it is no longer listed in the RSS feed. However, some RSS readers (like Google Reader) store the contents of the feed, and display the previously saved items along with the current items.

How do I create a mailbox?

Creating a mailbox is fully automatic, there is no "registration" here. You just have to send an email to any, it will be "created" automatically!

So anyone can read my mail?

Yes, since there is no password. So don't choose a simple name, try to make it unique. You can also set an alias to prevent others from opening your mailbox. Check it out on the features page (and the next question).

What's this alias stuff anyway?

Let's say you choose the mailbox myef and the alias frain. Open, and enter 'frain' in the alias textbox, click OK or press enter. If it was successful, then mail sent to both and can be read at, and CANNOT be read at So you can give out to the whole Internet, and nobody can read your mail but you!

Unless of course, if you choose a too simple mailbox like 'a', which can be guessed.

How do I send an email from ?

You can't, there is no such feature.

How can I delete an email?

There is a delete button above the opened email.

Check out "deleting messages" @ the features page.

Are there any more domains ?

Yes, there are other domains beside that can be used for receiving emails. Check out the features page!

Why didn't my registration complete automatically ?

Mailnesia won't click on all links, only registration-looking ones, which contain keywords like register, confirm, verify etc. So if an activation link doesn't contain any such keywords, for example, then it will not be clicked automatically. If this happens to you then send me this link so I can add it to the keywords list.

Also, there are sites where you have to do something on the activation page, like fill out a captcha or press a button - you will have to do these manually. For example at you have to be logged in to confirm an account, therefore automatic activation is not possible.

My blog post about this:

Some sites require manual steps (like choosing a password or logging in) with registration links that can only be used once. If you find such a site then please send me the activation link or website address so I can add it to the exceptions list, to prevent the system from automatically visiting these links.

What does nesia mean?

It's from Greek: νῆσος/nēsos/nesia: means islands.

What's up with the name?

  1. like Polynesia means 'many islands', Melanesia means 'islands of the black-skinned people', Micronesia means 'small islands', Mailnesia means 'mail islands'.
  2. think of Amnesia, as in, make a fake address, register, and then forget about it.